There are many different ways to query your Google Analytics data using Statsbot.

Here are some of the most popular commands:

@statsbot users

Will tell you how many users have visited your site today. It also shows you how many users visited your website last week and presents this info as a percentage change and a nice line chart for your convenience.

@statsbot users by page

Will break down you user count by the top 5 pages visited. The difference between users and pageviews is uniqueness. So querying "@statsbot users by landing page" is similar to the above query, but it will give you a better idea of which pages your users are finding your site by.

@statsbot users by source / medium

Will tell you where users were directly before entering your site, or what sources are referring people to your site.

You can make same queries for any interval:

@statsbot users yesterday
@statsbot pageviews by page this week
@statsbot new users by source / medium last month
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