There are a couple of tools you can use in Statsbot Platform to organize your dashboard: Favorites and Tags. 


User can add any dashboards to Favorites and see them on the top of the list. It helps to save time and easily access dashboards that are important to check on a regular basis.  As this feature is user-specific, dashboards added to favorites will only be viewable for that user who performed that action in the past, i.e. everyone in your team can potentially have a unique list of favorite dashboards. 


Dashboards tags are designed to collaborate and organize dashboards based on specific topic. Opposite to Favorites, Tags are seen by everyone in your team. 

To tag a dashboard first choose one from the list. Then click on gear icon and choose Dashboard preferences.

Next, type in the name of the new Tag and hit Enter  button or choose one from tags that has been created before. 

If you'd like to delete a tag, simply press on X next to the name of this tag in dashboard preferences. 

All tags are visible in Dashboards section and by pressing on the tag you will be able to see a list of relevant dashboards.

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