Before we released this feature scheduled reports could be set either in Slack or in Notifications section. Now you could easily make it on Insights page which is a faster and easier way when you create ad-hoc report. Another advantage is that you could choose any type of visualization for your scheduled report and it was not the case before. 

In order to schedule report sign in to Statsbot and choose Insights.
Choose necessary measure, dimension, segment, date range and type of visualization you'd like to include to your report. 

In my case it's one measure, one dimension, date range of last 30 days and bar chart visualization. Take a look at the screenshot below.

Next, press on Set Notification button at the top right corner.
Set a title for you report, time you want to get this report and Slack channel. 

Hit the schedule button and you are all set.
If you'd like to manage scheduled report, i.e. change title or delivery time, press on on Notifications -> Scheduled Reports. You would be able to see a list of all reports created.

In case you have any questions, please feel free to reach us out in our support chat anytime.

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