If you'd like to get important and actionable notifications such as product went out of stock in your warehouse, customer left negative feedback on website or new order has been placed in your e-commerce store look no further than this feature.
Take a look at one of the use cases when Streams could be helpful. 

Let's pretend I'd like to get notification every time a new order for the product with a price higher than $100 has been placed. I would also need to know Product name, category it belongs to and line item ID of that product.
My result set then will look like in the screenshot below. 

IMPORTANT: In order to set change stream you need to choose table visualization and remove date range under Time. Otherwise, result set in the table will be always in the past and hence no changes will be identified by Statsbot. Change Stream feature also works only with SQL integration. 

Note that I use filter to get notifications only for orders with products that have price > $100.
Press on Set notification  button and choose Stream  tab. 

Name notification in the way everyone in your team would understand what this means. In When these fields changed option you could select a column you'd like to track for changes. As in my example, I don't want to get notified when product name or price has changed, but only when new order has been placed, so I choose unique Product ID. Whenever new order would be placed, Statsbot will identify changes in the result set table by looking only at this column. 

Choose New row added since we want to know when new order will be placed and it's a new row in our table. Use Row removed option if you have opposite use case. You could also use both options here. 

Press on Schedule button and you are all set.
You could manage all Streams in Notifications  -> Streams

Message in Slack will look this way in my example.
IMPORTANT: Make sure that Statsbot is invited to your Slack channel

In case you have any questions, please feel free to ping us in our support chat and we'd be happy to assist.


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