Quite often you need to manage permissions not only for users who have and don’t have access to data, but who can and can't access a particular dashboard. For this purpose, we've created Groups  in Statsbot. Let's break down how the entire process of access management looks.

Visit the Users  section in the menu, press on the Groups  tab, and then the Add Group  button. 

In this article, we name a group Marketing  and enroll a few team members into this group who can later have access to a certain dashboard. 

After creating a group, we're able to see it in the drop down menu of each user's role. By ticking on the check box we include a user into certain group. Only users with the Has Access  and Admin  roles can be enrolled into the group. 

Let's move on and visit Dashboards. Once we are on a dashboard page, press on the gear icon at the top right corner and choose Dashboard Preferences

As I've created this dashboard, I automatically become Owner of this dashboard and can control access to this dashboard. Press on the Permissions tab to provide access to the Marketing group.

NOTE: Ownership can be transferred to another user in the drop down menu under theOwner section

You can provide View  and Edit permissions for the group. Edit allows group members to add, remove, and resize charts and filters, whereas View allows them only to see data. 


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