If you get this type of error when connecting database to Statsbot, please make sure that you input right credentials for port, and host name. Another option that you might find useful is to check if you added Statsbot IP to whitelist. Statsbot IP is If you use RDS your instance should be publicly available.

  • SQL db host is reserved

Most probably you're trying to connect localhost. Statsbot needs to connect to your database, which should be somewhere accessible from the internet. It means it will not work with localhost. We'd recommend you using your external IP address to connect. 

  • Permission denied 

This error means that username that you input doesn't have sufficient rights. Sometimes you need to make sure that user has rights for remote connection, e.g. user has rights to use database in internal network, but doesn't have rights to use it externally. 

  • Connect error: ssh: connect to host, port : Connection refused 

SSH is not opened on this server or it's opened on another port.

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