Connecting Asana to Statsbot lets you create tasks right in Statsbot. Each task includes a link to a chart, so your team can easily get an additional context with the data related to a task. 

Let's take a look on how Asana can be connected. 

Connecting Asana from Settings.
Press on menu and choose Settings . Then press on the Integrations tab and choose Asana workspace you'd like to connect. Lastly, press the Savebutton.

Connecting Asana from Insights page.
Step 1
Visit Insights page and create any chart you'd like to. Then press the Actions button and choose Connect Asana

Step 2
Next, a new page will open, choose a workspace you'd like to connect. Once done, hit the Save button. 

That's pretty much it. Learn how to create tasks in Asana here

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