Statsbot is a business intelligence platform that allows users to pull metrics from SQL database by defining data models and from various data sources like Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Stripe and Salesforce with no metrics configuration required.

With Statsbot our vision is to deliver HTML for data. Statsbot works by getting a
customized data query interface into the hands of business users so they can ask and
answer very complex business data questions, getting down to the row level on
any inquiry.

Of course, in order to deliver that kind of capability, there’s customization. And in
Statsbot, that customization is performed in a language called StatsML.
Using StatsML, data analyst develop a model that defines the relationships in the
database and the metrics that are important to the business, creating a single source of truth for the entire organization. The result is a customized, web-based application that allows anyone in the company to download, explore, save and share data, without needing to know SQL.

It also worth to add that Slack is crucial and important part of our product. Our team is constantly developing and maintaining various notifications, AI powered alerts, different type of visualizations and NLP in Slack.   

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