You can set up Goals in your personal account, not in the Slack chat as with scheduling reports. 

  1. At first, you need to choose which integration/data source you’d like to set up goals for. 
  2. The Metric Menu includes the metrics which were set up in a specific analytics integration earlier - from this you can choose the metric you want to monitor (we suggest the exciting ones). 
  3. Then you should choose a segment of your metric. For example, if the metric is new users, the segments could be new users by source or new users by country
  4. Now you’re ready to set up your goal value, absolute or percentage. 
  • An absolute goal value for new users could be 1000 new users. 
  • A percentage goal value for new users could be 10% - meaning you need to grow by 10% compared to the previous period.

    5. You can also pick up monthly or weekly time range for your goal. 

    6. Your almost done! All that remains is to name your Goal as it will display in Statsbot and choose which channel Statsbot should send your data to.

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