Most online businesses store their data in databases and it’s being stored in a form of a tables. 

Definitely, one day company comes to a stage where analyzing this data becomes crucial for making data driven decisions and accelerating business growth. 

However, there are two main things that make pulling data from DB in a traditional way significantly uncomfortable: 

  1. You have to write complex SQL queries to pull data from DB over and over again 
  2. You actually pull tables and you face with problems if you would like to visualize this data in a form of graphs, bars and pie charts

Statsbot takes care of both as well as gives the opportunity to track anomalies with Smart Alerts and draw predictions with Goals both using advanced ML algorithms for your data in DB. 

Pretty cool, huh? 

In order to start using a Statsbot you should connect your DB and write your query just once and you are ready to go with all the available features. 

  1. You now can either send a simple command to Statsbot right in Slack instead of writing complex query


      2. Or schedule report delivery for this metric from DB

       3. Track unusual spikes and drops with Smart Alerts

    4. Set a goal and track how likely your team to hit it by the end of the month with Goals

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